Standard and Pro Features

Media Hygiene is a WordPress plugin that frees
your website from the burden of unused images and other files.


Standard Pro
Full Dashboard
Scan by Database
Scan for Thumbnails
Scan by Folder & Files
Scan Control Limit 30 Unlimited
Delete Media by Page
Download Media by Page
One Shot Delete Media
One Shot Download Media
Filter by Type
Filter by Date
Scan Posts Only
Scan Pages Only
Scan for Feature Images Only (Posts/Pages)
File Type Detection (see list)
Error Log Download
Auto Notification (coming soon)
WP Bakery
Beaver Builder
Visual Composer
Advanced Custom Fields
Custom Field Suite
All In One Seo
Yoast Seo
SEO Press
Slider Revolution
Meta Slider
Smart Slider
Wordpress Repository Support
Premium Support (Direct)

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

Our plans are made for everyone, whether you are small
business owner or a large company, our pricing is fair.
Pricing is charged on an annual basis only





Everything you need to get started to clean up your WordPress media library. Works with most major WordPress builders.

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Everything in standard + deep scanning, better scan control, Woocommerce and other premium plugins.

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Media Hygiene Cleaner Questions

Got questions? We have the answers about our media cleaner

  • What's the difference between Free and Pro

    Using a free version of the plugin to clean your media library is like doing a regular cleaning of your house. You might vacuum the carpets, dust the furniture, and tidy up the kitchen, but you’re not going to spend a lot of time scrubbing every nook and cranny or getting rid of all the clutter that’s accumulated over time. You’ll get the job done, but there will still be some dirt and mess left behind.

    On the other hand, using the pro version of the plugin to clean your media library is like doing a deep cleaning of your house. You’re going to take the time to scrub every surface, get rid of all the clutter, and really make your home shine. When you’re done, your house will be spotless and organized, and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you’ve really done a thorough job.

  • What is pro version so affordable?

    We really believe that software should be priced accordingly, fairly and provide value. When was the last time you paid for something that you weren’t concerned about paying. For the amount of time you save, we think that $2/month is better spent at a coffee shop chatting with your friends instead of sitting in front of a computer for hours removing unused media that you don’t even care about.

  • What type of support do I get?

    All versions of the Media Hygiene plugin will get support.  The free version will allow you to get support from WordPress repository. It may not be right away, but we’ll answer the question at some point.

    The pro version allows you to get support from within the plugin and your message is sent directly to the support team. You can expect a faster response to deal with any issue you face specifically for the Media Hygiene plugin.

  • Will you support more WordPress builders or plugins?

    Absolutely.  We are always looking for ways to continuously to improve the plugin.  You are more than welcome to submit suggestions on how we can do this.

  • How did this idea come about?

    This all came about our need to help our clients manage their WordPress media library. Given the high volume of posts or updating a product catalog, this process became highly intensive. This plugin takes 3-5 hour job and shortens it just a few minutes so that we can work on more important things.

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