About Media Hygiene Plugin

Welcome to Media Hygiene, a powerful and efficient WordPress plugin designed to simplify the management of your WordPress Media Library by automatically cleaning unused media files. Created by Agency 5, this plugin addresses the common pain points faced by website owners and agencies when dealing with large, unmanaged media libraries.

Why Media Hygiene?

As a website owner or developer, you know that managing the Media Library can be time-consuming and frustrating. Many website owners neglect this task, leading to bloated media libraries that create several problems:

  • Wasted Time: Manually searching for and deleting unused media files can take hours, if not days, depending on the size of the library.
  • Unreliable Backups: Large media libraries lead to massive backups, which can cause failures, take too long to create, or be difficult to send offsite. A failed backup can result in website downtime or, worse, the loss of valuable content.
  • Increased Costs: Larger backups require more storage space, increasing the costs associated with storing and maintaining these backups.

The Solution: Media Hygiene

With Media Hygiene, you can:

  • Automatically identify and remove unused media files, saving you time and effort
  • Reduce the size of your Media Library, leading to faster and more reliable backups
  • Lower your offsite storage costs by maintaining a lean Media Library
  • Improve your website’s performance and load times by removing unnecessary clutter
  • Reliability even in shared hosting environments
  • Trust the plugin to work effectively and efficiently

Even though we have successfully tested the plugin on a wide range of websites, even those with over 40GB of media files, we believe in continual testing to try address any issues proactively.

Take control of your Media Library today with Media Hygiene and say goodbye to the hassles and headaches of manual media file management. Don’t let an unmanaged Media Library stand in the way of your website’s success – get Media Hygiene now!

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